A P-22 Coloring Book in the Works

Los Angeles’ most renown wild critter, mountain lion P-22 has numerous articles written about him, a Facebook page and a documentary movie (“The Cat that Changed America”) in the works.

Now, local creatives are planning to bring the story of SoCal’s adventuresome puma to the pint-size crowd with a P-22 coloring/activity book – and they are looking for artists to contribute to the cause.

“We are in the early stages of the book but see this as an opportunity to talk about urban wildlife with a compelling lead character,” says Andrea Richards of Narrated Objects. “P-22 is an endearing L.A. icon and we think there could be great community support for a book like this.”

Born in the Santa Monica Mountains, P-22 amazingly crossed two major Los Angeles freeways when he left his mother and struck out to find his own territory. He was discovered in Griffith Park in 2012.

So far, Richards and her partner Teena Apeles have accepted donated designs from character designer Chris AyersPat Kochakji, Sophia Allison, Stephen Silver and more.

Work by Patrick Kochakji (left) and Sophia Allison (right) will be part of the P-22 book. Featured image by Stephen Silver.

“Our big dream would be that this book be given to every kid in Los Angeles,” says Richards who hints that strategic partnerships could make that a reality.

With the resurgence of interest in coloring books for adults, a P-22 coloring book may cross generations, says Richards.

Part of the proceeds of the book will be donated to the Friends of Griffith Park.

Artists interested in contributing to the project can submit artwork of the famed feline doing something “lionish” and be appropriate to children. Deadline is March 1. Richards ask artists to provide a link to illustration as a hi-rez digital file (min. 300 dpi), a short bio of 25 words max, and one sentence about what P22 or urban wildlife means to you.

For more information, click here.

— Brenda Rees, editor