SoCal Wild
Features Steelhead on display at the Aquarium of the Pacific. PHOTO: Brenda Rees

Finding Trout in SoCal »

When he was a kid in the 1970s, Ed Pert used to head down to San Juan Creek in San Diego County and meet old timers there who would talk…

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Portrait of a birder as a young man. PHOTO BY MARTHA BENEDICT

Raising Birders – and More – at Leo Politi »

The students were breathless. “Mr. Rumble! We saw something in the bush! Come quickly!” Bradley Rumble, principal at Leo Politi School near downtown Los Angeles was intrigued and followed the…

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Rare sight: A Western pond turtle PHOTO: Yathin S Krishnappa

Which Way on World Turtle Day? »

They may not be warm and fuzzy, but turtles and tortoises represent one of nature’s finest adaptions that has lasted these carapace-covered critters for millions of years. Sure birds evolved…

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Food and Fear: How Animals Eat Without Being Eaten »

(Editor’s note: This guest blog is by Katrina Stenson, an undergraduate ecology student at San Diego State University working on her thesis involving the California ground squirrel, a very common…

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The Buffet Line is open. PHOTO: Martha Benedict

Not So Secret Garden »

Of course, the new Pollinator Garden at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles would have it grand opening on the first day of Spring, the season of flowers, bees,…

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The Latest Scat

Red-Legged Frog Named State Amphibian »

Photo by David Hacker, CDFW

Here’s to more Frogtowns in California, now that the state has declared an official state amphibian: the California red-legged frog,…

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What About Bob (cats)? »

Bobcat, photo by Barry Rowan

Living in your backyard: birds, bees, squirrels, raccoons and…bobcats? Yes, these big cats (well, more medium –sized than their mountain…

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Fishing Lure Hooks Both Mom and Chick »

PHOTO BY: IBR/Kelly Berry

The folks at the International Bird Rescue (IBR) have seen their share of tackle and fishing line injuries at their…

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Rare SoCal Flying Squirrel…Next Endangered Species? »

Photo by Darleen Ortlieb Frenchen

Like something out of a Red Bull commercial, this tiny flying squirrel can guide through the air between trees at…

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It’s Rattlesnake Season; The Truth is Out There »

Southern Pacific rattlesnake; Photo: Ian Recchio

sssssSSSSS….Snakes.  Are you scared? Don’t be. Southern California is home to ten species of snakes, but there’s only one you…

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Video of the Week

Watch your step SoCal…the rattlers may have beaten you to the trail….