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Keeping it ‘Messy’ at the L.A. River »

Sure keeping things tidy is good for your kitchen, garage and teenager’s bedroom, but tidiness has its drawbacks, especially when you are dealing with Mother Nature and local wildlife. Gardeners…

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WOUNDED WHALE - This photo of a gray whale snapped on a whale watching cruise will be used by researchers. PHOTO BY MARTHA BENEDICT

Best Whale Watching Season Ever? »

It’s being heralded as the “Best Whale Watching Season Ever” in Southern California, but what exactly does that mean? Abundant whales? Different species of whales swimming about?  Whales coming into…

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BLUEPRINT FOR A SOLUTION - Students realize how valuable a wildlife crossing over Liberty Canyon would mean to humans and critters alike.

Critter Corridors in the Classroom »

Wiggling, fidgeting and anxious. The sixth grade class at Sun Valley Magnet Middle School were painfully waiting their turn to step to the front of the class. They tried to…

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A Forest of Possibilities at Palos Verdes Peninsula »

Finally. A SoCal forest that’s been lying in ruins since the 1950s is getting proper attention and love. Not a trees-on-land forest; this SoCal oceanic giant kelp forest off the…

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pelicans dreaming

‘Pelican Dreams’ Comes to the Southland »

“I have always been fascinated by these flying dinosaurs, but this film is really about relationships we humans have with wild animals,” says filmmaker Judy Irving about her new film,…

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The Latest Scat

Spiders Exonerated! »


Stop blaming spiders when you get bitten by an unknown insect. That’s the word from a team of scientists, led…

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Coast to Cactus Opening Jan. 17 in San Diego »

CoastCayon_Michael Field 1

The all-inclusive Southern California bio-region – under one roof? Is it possible to convey the complexities and intricacies of the…

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Coyotes in the Neighborhood »


Urban coyotes are in the news again lately with the pack-loving canines causing more –than-usual havoc in some SoCal residential…

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Discussing Wildlife Corridors and More »

Wildlife corridors - like this one in Banff, Canada -- could be a tourist draw.

How wild animals move around the landscape and healthy environments that can sustain them will be some of the topics…

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Crash-Diving Grebes Overwhelm IBR »

RECUPERATING - Eared grebes are where they belong...on water! Photo by BILL STEINKAMP

Body of water…. a wet concrete sidewalk…..sure, there’s a difference, but many eared grebes aren’t seeing it these days. The…

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Do California brown pelicans dream?