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Birds on the Brain at Bird Fest on Oct. 18, 2014 »

SoCal hawks, titmouses, thrushes, warblers, woodpeckers are the rock stars at the first ever Bird Fest held Oct. 18 at the Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor’s Center at King Gillette…

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Where Are the Vaux’s Swifts? »

Every fall between the end of September and the beginning of October, the Vaux’s swifts embark on a Southern migration, and along the way, these slim cigar-shaped birds with crescent…

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THE WATER'S FINE -- Who needs hip waders?

Fishing the L.A. River – No Joke »

Rosi Dagit was pleased. The environmental scientist was at the banks of the Los Angeles River near North Atwater Park in Atwater Village waiting for anglers to bring over their…

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WHO ARE YOU?  - Leno is suspicious (and curious) with new guests.

Burbank Mountain Lions – Part III »

There’s a new chapter being written for two SoCal mountain lions that were found almost three years ago under a car in Burbank. Remember them? The two cubs (about three…

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WAKING UP - Bats start the evening off in a swirling living cloud.

Filling SoCal Skies »

One after another, cars arrive as if on cue. They pull over on the shoulder of this two-lane highway near an endless orange tree grove here in Valle Vista on…

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The Latest Scat

World Animal Day at IBR »

Get outta here! Actors Adrian Grenier and Keegan Allen do the honors.

“Every release is so rejuvenating. When birds go back into the wild it makes what we do all worthwhile. It…

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Wildlife Crossings – Coming Soon to a Freeway Near You? »


Watch out SoCal…you may be hearing more about wildlife corridor in the coming weeks, months and maybe years ahead. To…

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Red-Legged Frog Named State Amphibian »

Photo by David Hacker, CDFW

Here’s to more Frogtowns in California, now that the state has declared an official state amphibian: the California red-legged frog,…

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What About Bob (cats)? »

Bobcat, photo by Barry Rowan

Living in your backyard: birds, bees, squirrels, raccoons and…bobcats? Yes, these big cats (well, more medium –sized than their mountain…

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Fishing Lure Hooks Both Mom and Chick »

PHOTO BY: IBR/Kelly Berry

The folks at the International Bird Rescue (IBR) have seen their share of tackle and fishing line injuries at their…

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Video of the Week

Watch your step SoCal…the rattlers may have beaten you to the trail….