Wild Neighbors

Rodney King wanted to know, “Why can’t we just all get along?” and if humans are having troubles dealing with other humans…how are ever going to live with our wild neighbors?  (And no, we’re not talking about those punks who live down the street at the noisy house.)

“Does LA Appreciate Its Wild Animals?” is the topic of an upcoming panel discussion taking place on at 6pm Friday, August. 9 at Zocalo/Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.  Moderated by Kathryn Bowers, coauthor of Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health, the evening looks at efforts to make peace with local wildlife, and how often those good intentions backfire or point us toward a more harmonious future with the critters around us.

City of L.A. Animal Services wildlife specialist Greg Randall, Natural History Museum environmental educator Lila Higgins, and the National Wildlife Federation’s California director Beth Pratt lead the discussion.

Grand Park is located at 200 N. Grand Avenue; Parking is available in Lot 10 on N. Broadway between First St. and Temple St. $10 after 4:30 PM. More information here.



Photo by Christoph Steinhard