Update: Griffith Park Mountain Lion Healthy

A new blog post by Urban Carnivores reports on the status of a colllared mountain lion, P22, that researchers have been following for more than a year in the wilds of Griffith Park.

The ultimate takeaway from the post is that

“P22 continues to exhibit natural behavior (e.g., avoiding people) and stay healthy (e.g., finding enough deer) after being in the park for over a year, which is the ultimate evidence that Griffith Park is a healthier ecosystem and critical oasis for wildlife than once thought.”

Hooray for p22! We hope that this spawns further Ps, Qs and Rs into our urban wilderness.

Photo of P22 by citizen scientist, Matt Whitmire of griffithparktrailcam.com and Griffith Park Connectivity Study with camera from Miguel Ordenana from Urban Carnivore. Photo was taken in December 2012.