For a Good Flock…

Flappers, flitters and flutterers – if you want more to visit your backyard, join an upcoming talk by local ornithologist Kimball Garrett who will discuss “Backyard Birds in Angeles: Who They Are and How You Can Attract More of Them” on Feb. 9, 1:30-3:30 pm at Theodore Payne Foundation in Sunland.

Garrett – along with Jon Dunn and Brian E. Small) wrote the definitive book about SoCal birds. Fun fact: L.A. County is the home to the greatest diversity of species of birds of any other county in the U.S. WE ARE NUMBER ONE when it comes to our winged wonders. NUMBER ONE!

Along with tips on wildlife-friendly landscaping, Garrett will offer other advice on how to make your backyard a veritable avarian Serengeti.

Space is limited. Get your seat now. Did we mention that we are NUMBER ONE!?