Tar Pits Unveils New Website

Fossil lovers who need their daily fix of All Things Pleistocene will shout a collective cry of joy on December 12, 2011 when the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits launches its new fangled, fancied-up website, www.tarpits.org.

Promising to have more insight into the gooey world of Mid Whilsire Los Angeles (albeit 40,000 years ago), the new Tar Pits site features a whole mess of cool interactive components. On tap will be the latest research and ongoing excavations along with downloadable scavenger hunts, interactive maps, video tours, cool photography and study guides.

In addition, the site will also contain the up-to-date paleontological deets from around the globe — and how Page Museum scientists’ research further illuminates the study of  “What Was Once Here.”

Website visitors can also see the path of research;  from excavation sites (like the ongoing one at Project 23) to the lab where specimens are prepared and studied.

Course, we always love a good excuse to go see the Page in person (the wall of saber-toothed cat skulls, the smell of tar, the determination on the faces of scientists in the Fish Bowl), but this website promises to give us a little extra bang for our cyberbuck.  Yup. We’ll click and add to our favorites.