Bats, bats, bats!

Mexican long-tongued bats’ long tongues help them reach …

(a.) Water deep inside pockets of cacti.
(b.) Worms inside burrows in hard soil.
(c.) Seeds inside prickly fruit.
(d.) Termites in their burrows.
(e.) Nectar in night-blooming plants.
(f.) Those tasty leftover bits you always find at the bottom of bug smoothies.


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(e.) Nectar in night-blooming plants.

SOURCE: “Mexican long-tongued bat – Choeronycteris mexicana” (BLM California wildlife database)

The diet of Mexican long-tongued bats consists of nectar, pollen, and insects. Their long tongues give them access to nectar from night-blooming plants.

Wildlife Trivia of the Week is from the Bureau of Land Management; Photo from National Park Service