Rare Sperm Whale Sighted in Local Waters

For the second time this year, a sperm whale has been seen off the Southern California coastline – and this rare encounter was witnessed by leviathan-lovers aboard a local whale watching excursion who will NOT be asking for their money back any time soon.

According to Pete Thomas Outdoors:

…Natalie Booth-Massey and others aboard the Voyager on Monday were hardly disappointed because they witnessed a far more unusual sight: that of a sperm whale, which came into view shortly after they had seen a minke whale breach 11 times.

…Presumably, this whale, estimated to measure 45-55 feet, is foraging in the depths of Redondo Canyon, which is said to be teeming with market-sized squid. Many of the whale sightings were in August and September, so it will not be surprising if this whale is encountered again this summer.

Booth-Massey said the Voyager managed to get about 100 yards from the whale, which was “logging” on the surface, taking multiple breaths before revealing its towering fluke and making a dive that lasted 29 minutes.

Being toothed whales that feed mainly on squid, sperm whales are not normally seen in SoCal waters. Many are speculating that this may be the same whale that has been seen many times in the same general area since it was photographed in 1996.

Earlier in March, a pod of female and juvenile sperm whales were seen off Long Beach one day followed by San Diego the next.

— BR, photo: Sperm whale, credit: NOAA