Red Rover, Red Rover, send the Western snowy plover right over…and take the 4/15 wildlife quiz

Western snowy plovers:
(a.) Locate prey with echolocation, similar to bats
(b.) Can locate hibernating insects under the snow
(c.) Commonly nest among barbed wire to protect their young
(d.) Can’t fly, but run very fast
(e.) Don’t feed their chicks
(f.) Came West to get away from the snow, but ended up in snowy mountain areas anyway

 Scroll down for answer:



e.) Don’t feed their chicks

SOURCE: Western Snowy PloverCharadrius alexandrinus nivosus (BLM California wildlife database)
Snowy plover chicks leave the nest within hours after hatching to search for food. Adult plovers do not feed their chicks, but lead them to suitable feeding areas. Learn more here.