Welcome to SoCal Wild

You’ve reached SoCal Wild, a new site which will tell stories of how urban human life coexists with the wild things that inhabit the skies, oceans, forests, deserts and yes, even our backyards here in the Greater Los Angeles area.

We’ll learn of wildlife making news as well as the people who study, save, rescue and advocate on their behalf. We’ll meet scientists, biologists and conservationists as well as government officials who interact and chart the course for the wildlife in the area. We’ll also feature everyday folk who, through video, photos and words, want to tell their stories of  wildlife encounters. We’ll hear from authors, musicians and artists whose works are inspired by native life. We’ll provide helpful resources such as a best bird feeder guide, what to do with injured wildlife and more. A kid’s section will feature fun games and trivia. Finally, we’ll also report on what archeologists are discovering about the native life that existed in the area thousands of years ago.

We’ll be online soon, so please check back again in the coming days when content will be live.

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