Helping injured, sick or abandoned wild animals in SoCal

Here’s a list of organizations and resources you can contact if you find an injured, sick or abandoned wild animal.

Animal Advocates
Information, contact links

California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators
Contact list, information, resources

California Department of Fish and Game
Information, resources, contact list

California Wildlife Center – Malibu
(310) 458-9453
All native animals

Camarillo Wildlife Rehabilitation – Somis
(805) 482-7617
All  native animals

Hummingbird Rescue – Los Angeles Area
(310) 804-3715

International Bird Rescue Research Center
(310) 514-2573
Oiled birds, aquatic birds, seabirds

Long Beach All Wildlife Rescue and Education
(562) 434-0141
All native animals

Long Beach Animal Hospital
(562) 434-9966
All native animals

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control
(310) 523-9566
Domestic or wild animal care

Marine Mammal Care Center – San Pedro
(310) 548-5677
All marine mammals

Oiled Wildlife Care Network – Statewide
(530) 752-4167

Pacific Marine Mammal Center – Laguna Beach
(310) 804-3715

Pacific Wildlife Project – Laguna Nigel
(949) 831-1178
All native animals

Songbird Care and Education Center – Orange County
(714) 964-0666

South Bay Wildlife Rehab – Rancho Palos Verdes
(310) 378-9921
Urban wildlife, birds

Pasadena Humane Society
626-792-7151 ext. 110
Urban wildlife

Project Wildlife in San Diego County
(619) 225-9453
All native animals

South Bay Wildlife Rehab – Rancho Palos Verdes
(310) 378-9921
Urban wildlife, birds

Squirrelmenders – Thousand Oaks
(805) 498-8653
All small mammals: mice, gophers, etc.

United States Fish and Wildlife Services – Southwest Region
(310) 328-1516

Wetlands and Wildlife Care of Orange County
(714) 374-5587

Whale Rescue Team
(800) 39-WHALE, (310) 455-2729 (non-emergencies)
Marine mammals and seabirds

Wildlife Care of Ventura County– Simi Valley
(805) 498-2794
All native animals